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Thursday, June 28

Too Much Traveling!

I've been away on business this past week, returned on Wednesday. I was attending the American Library Association Annual Conference (ALA) in Washington, D.C. It's a large trade show for librarians to browse the publishing houses and such.

It was by far the most boring thing I've done in a long time! There were hardly any attendees in our booth at any given amount of time. I didn't have to arrange any author signings or catering like at BEA so I basically just stood around for 8 hours. And I did that for 5 days! Unlike BEA I had a lot of time out of the booth as well to wander around the exhibit halls.

The hotel I stayed at was fabulous! The Fairmont Washington on M & 24th. It had a large bathroom, small patio, and a stocked refrigerator. And it wasn't too pricey at $199/night, with the group rate. The internet wasn't so great. They didn't offer wireless in the rooms so I had to sit at the desk to play WoW.

My next trip is August 23-24 for the Sales Conference in Alexandria, VA.

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