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Tuesday, February 19

Official Twilight Cast Pictures

I don't like these pictures of the "Edward". He doesn't look like "my" Edward. I also don't like the Carlisle. He looks too old and not sexy enough. Alice's hair needs to be shorter. I like the Jasper. LOVE the Esme. She was in Grey's Antomy and she will be awesome as Esme. The choice for Emmett is good but the Rosalie isn't pretty enough, maybe if she were skinner?

All-in-all I think they did the best with Jasper and second would be Esme. The others could be better. Just my 2 cents.
Summit Entertainment Welcomes the Cullen Family to Twilight
The Cullen Family
Cullens Walking
Cullen Close-up
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  1. Not to be rude or anything, but the person who plays Edward doesn't really look like what I think Edward should look like. The guy who plays him kinda has a mean look to him and that might just be weird if he tries the romantic stuff. I think all the girls are good though. Jasper isn't ugly, its just that his hair is a little different. But besides all that everyone looks good!

  2. Thanks for the comment!

    I agree with you. He does have a first impression of being upset or something, almost unapproachable.

    Yeah, not what I was looking forward to seeing.

  3. I don't want to be one of those people who say, 'the cast is horrible!' but, I don't really like the guy who plays Edward. He looks a little too mean. Also,the book talked about how Alice was like a doll but the person who plays her doesn't really look like a fragil doll... Maybe if the guy who played Edward waxed his eyebrows, and maybe if the girl who played Alice oh, I don't know, somehow look more doll-like?

  4. jeez, Edward is supposed to look unaproacable...hello. ..

  5. i think its a really good cast. if you look at the trailer that has been released robert pattinson does and amazing job as edward

  6. WEll, at first when i heard RPattz was gonna be Edward, I wuz like EWWW yuck! cuz he is SOO ugly in Harry Potter! And when i saw these pics, it didnt do much to make me more approving of the choice. I mean, he looks C~RREePY! but i watched the teaser trailers and, i changed mind! hes Great in them! and i dont really like the chioce for alice, jasper, and carlisle too much, but whatevs i guess

  7. i thought that casting someone who was supposed to be so beautiful would be hard but i think they did an ok job i thought his hair would be different i cant wait to see the movie

  8. What the hell are you guys talking about?!? Idk if you didn't understand the full concept of the book or what..but Edward is SUPPOSE to have this mean, yet irresistable look to him. And i think Rober portrays that absolutely PERFECT. If he was suppose to look all friedly and happy-go lucky honestly he wouldn't seem very vampire-like at all. And for the FEW people that actually saw this, thank you! At least some people in this world still have some common sense....

  9. Ok first of all i dont like the person they picked for esme she doesnt look small and fragile like how they discribed her and i think what they did with jaspers hair is terrible thats not what i pictured it at all Bella is good and i think Edward is amazingly perfact and hot! and they did good with emmet hes perfact with how they discribed him but i agree carlisle doesnt look sexy enough and i think rose is good except for her hair and i cant wait till the movie to see how the acting will be from the trailers and pictures it looks amazing but we will never no till NOVERBER 21!

  10. I think bella and edward portrayal hit on the right spot. Althou i agree carlisire looks older than I expected. He supposed to look in his thirties accordin to the " NEW MOON " Yet he looks like hes in his forties! Esme looks taller and bigger than I expected for esme! Cos the book described her as being a mouse! Alice, i expected her to hve shoulder length hair. Rosaline was meant to be REALLY REALLLY beautiful. But u kno what, as long as bella and edward hits on the right spot, i aint gna complain.

    Btw the peope, edward as a character is not supposed to be friendlier. You remembr the first stage of the book where he was pretty mean to bella ( which we all understand why as we read on the book ).....hes meant to be unapproachable....remeber the cullens family did not interact with other people at school!!!

    Anyway i hpe i cleared things up on that topic lol!


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