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Tuesday, March 11

Catch A Mate by Gena Showalter

Yup, I love Gena. She wrote another awesome book. This one was different cause it wasn't a paranormal. It was real human romance. And this was a personally signed copy too!

It was the story of a woman, Jillian Greene, who's father cheated on her mother, making the mother go emotionally unstable. She grew up to hate her father and all men in general. She labeled them as pigs. She got a job at Catch A Mate, where she played bait to make husbands of suspicious wives make a move on her. She had a dream to buy the company from her aging boss. Then one day Marcus Brody entered the all female office, as male bait and her unknown, new boss. They were instantly attracted to each other but each of them had sworn off the opposite sex and treated each other with hostility until they both realized that was their defensive moves to keep the other away from their hearts. It didn't work. At. All.

Ultimately, they were destined to be with each other. After what seemed like pulling teeth they came to their senses and allowed each other into their hearts and lives.

It was very humorous with multiple laugh out loud moments. Loved the sex scene in the backyard..... whoa!
clipped from
Catch A Mate (Hqn Romance)
Catch A Mate (Hqn Romance) (Mass Market Paperback)
by Gena Showalter (Author)

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