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Sunday, May 18

The Host by Stephenie Meyers

I really gave this book a try! But I found it to be SOOOO boring! I had to stop reading. There was just so much detail and not enough of a direct story line that I found myself lacking a good plot. I'm sure it must get better eventually but I'll have to find out at a later date.

I'm so disappointed too! I loved Stephenie's Twilight series so much!

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The Host


  1. Hi ya,
    Yeah I know what you mean, I read the info on the story and it seems like an interesting story and Meyer is such an AMAZING author, and yet it never really captured my attention so I have yet to buy it. I'm afraid it's just not the type of book that draws me in. Oh well, at least I know I'll love her next book lol (unless she does something heartbreaking like separate edward and bella again *fingers crossed against that happening*)What other book(s) are you reading/preparing to read?

    Bye for now...
    Cherie :)

  2. Thank you Jessica! You have saved me $18 and a 30 minute trip to Sam's Club. I almost bought this book but I decided to wait and see what people were saying about it.

    I'm having a similar issue with Beyond the Pale by Savannah Russe. It's not holding my interest and there's no chemistry. It's dull. I haven't finished it yet and will probably force myself to eventually but it won't be anytime soon.

    I'm off to the big city(Knoxville, TN ha ha) in search of new Kresley Cole and an overpriced coffee.

  3. Cherie,
    I'm reading Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and LOVING IT! It's VERY similar to Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series.

    Do you have a Shelfari account? If not you should get one! You can check out what I've read and what I plan to read.

    I'm so excited the next Kresley Cole is now available. And of course looking forward to Gena's next LOU book.

  4. Leigh Ann,
    Glad to be of assistance!
    I really was so sad it didn't grasp my attention! I'll try it again but I want something fun, sexy, and action packed.

    Let me know if you find anything great like that!

  5. Jess, that is too funny. My roommate RUSHED out and bought this book and was singing its praises this morning. I was like, "....still not interested in reading it." I know my limits. I think Meyer's writing style sucks and if it doesn't involve vampires, I'm not in. Write more about how hot Edward is, Stephenie Meyer, and I'm back in!

  6. Aja,
    Yeah, agree 100%. Totally can't wait for the next Twilight book.
    She really shouldn't ever stop writing about Bella and the Cullens. Incredible.

    See you soon!

  7. Thanks Jess I'll be sure to check out that site :) Bitten sounds pretty you know how many books there are so far in the series?

  8. Cherie,
    There are 8 books so far in the series with #9 due out in October. I didn't realize it was so large! I'm probably going to read book # 2 soon though!


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