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Friday, May 30

I totally want: Futura Entertainment Center

So I've had my eye on this piece of furniture for a few months now. I soooo really really want it. It's just so expensive!
But it's just gorgeous!

Right now we have our 42" plasma mounted directly on the wall. We then have a 4' tall media cabinet that holds our surround sound/DVD player, our satellite receiver, and our Xbox 360, misc. games and movies and of course the accessories for our Xbox and our Wii. Frankly, I just don't like it when I look at this elegant looking piece.

I'm hoping that it will eventually go on a major sale or clearance. Then maybe I can justify buying it. I'd buy it if the price was $400 or below. Right now it's at $589 and that just seems outrageous to me!

Eurway is a great place for beautiful, expensive (usually) furniture. I bought some chairs and tables from them for NBN's BEA booth this year....and alas, I will not be there to see how good they look. Hopefully they'll post some pictures.

Futura Entertainment Center


  1. I want it too but shipping is what kills it for me. Even though it's 20% off, $225 shipping to Northern VA is a lot.

  2. You said it Allan!

    The shipping is outrageous!

    I hope that one day this piece of furniture will be worthy of our purchase!


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