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Wednesday, September 10

Jewel of Atlantis (Atlantis, Book 2) by Gena Showalter

Another book that I put off reading because I knew it would be great! And it was!!!
I love Gena Showalter!

This story revolves around a familiar male lead. He's the brother of the lead female from The Stone Prince, Katie James. His name is Grayson James aka Gray. He's been sent to Atlantis to find the Jewel of Dunamis which the humans automatically assumed was an actual gemstone. Gray is found to be stuck in the jungle of Atlantis fighting a demon for his life. All of a sudden he hears the voice of a women who is giving him helpful hints of what to do.

She bargins with him that she'll help him find the Jewel if he saves her and helps her find information about her father. What he doesn't know is that SHE is the Jewel of Dunamis.

They go on an amazing little trek through Atlantis overcoming all sorts of obstacles. All the while building an amazing relationship. Pure Gena Showalter signature novel.

This truely was an amazing book!

Jewel of Atlantis


  1. That's funny, I've been putting off reading this book too and I'm not sure why.

    I just finished Devil Inside by Jenna Black and liked it. It was different. The main character, Rachel, is an exorcist. I'm curious to see how Rachel develops in future books.

  2. Hey Jess! It's me, Jessie(marie)! I just wanted to say whats up and let you know that I just got into the whole twilight saga. I love these books! I am on book three and I cant wait until the movie comes out! It has been since high school that I have been so into reading. I am so glad to be back into it. I am searching for some more books to read once I finish the twilight books. Any suggestions??
    I am also into playing WoW now thanks to josh....I have a 47 lock!! Never thought I would see that day!
    well I will catch up with you later!

  3. Leigh Ann,
    I'll check out that book! I read The Nymph King also, I just need to do the review.

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I've read the entire Twilight Series, and yes, I too was totally hooked! I also cannot wait for the movie. However, I didn't like the last book very much.

    Anyhow! I'm glad to hear from you and I'll shoot you and email soon. I'm off to say Happy Bday to my Dad!

    Hugs to all,


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