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Friday, October 10

Selling on eBay! 3T jeans anyone?

So, I've been dressing my daughter lately in size 3T jeans......which are just too short for her!
I ordered some 5T jeans from Old Navy for not very cheap. They never are!

The jeans she had are just too cute for words! I decided to finally put them (her too small clothes that is) on eBay and sell them!

Selling on eBay takes quite a while to set everything up. I already had the account. Love me some eBay! But getting all that tedious information the bidder will want to know looking pretty takes some time. This listing took me about an hour from start to finish. I also use a layout hosting site, Auctiva for the template, which is awesome so you don't have to write any HTML. One less thing to worry about! I had the jeans laid out already, took some pictures of what I knew I'd be describing, and then I started formatting the layout, not to mention the starting bid price and shipping cost.

So, if you know anyone looking for some 3T girlie jeans shoot them my way!

I'm going to go back now and put some of her other clothes on eBay too. I seperated a bunch out tonight. We have family over this weekend and I start school next week so I'm not sure when I'll find the time to actually put them all on there. I hope I do though! I have soo many clothes!

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