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Thursday, February 26

Cover Art: Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler

Dear Author had a post up about this cover and I'm wondering what the deal is?

I think it's pretty. If you really look at the details of this cover you can understand exactly what's going on.

The issue over at Dear Author is that the cover art looks pre-teen pornish. I can understand where they are coming from. It does look very anime with a twist of teen porn. BUT take a closer look. Obviously this cover will draw your attention. Pick it up and look at it.

I think it's gorgeous. I'm really interested in finding more out about this book and it's author.

What about you? Failsauce or are you interested too? Share your thoughts here!

Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler, November 2009
Jane True is a twenty-something secret night swimmer and unintentional social pariah. Living in small town Rockabill, Maine, Jane has always known she didn’t quite fit in with so-called normal society. She just didn’t know that her absent mother’s legacy would give her entry into a world that included vampires, goblins and succubae.


  1. I think the artwork is pretty and eye-catching, but I don't know if it'll catch my eye in a good way.

    The cover give the impression that it is geared towards a younger audience (doesn't she look rather youngish?), but the synopsis states it is about a 20-some-year-old and there's succubi involved (which, in my mind, are sex demons).

  2. While an interesting cover, the girl looks too young to be that developed. I wouldn't boycott it or anything, but I don't care for it. It doesn't look animae enough to me it looks like an 8 year old child with large breasts. The story sounds interesting though...

  3. uh, I think I spelled animae wrong but I'm not sure. I used to be able to spell but that was before I quit work to stay home with the kids. My brain is mush now.

  4. I think I'd like it if it weren't for the Keen eyes and kewpie-doll lips. And the genre confusion.

  5. It seriously looks like teen porn to me. I suppose it's true that it's eye-catching, but if they had a naked teenager on the cover, that would be eye-catching too, and neither that nor this in the good way.

    I would honestly feel uncomfortable buying such a book even if I wanted to read the content, because of that cover. I would probably either wait for it in eBook format, or, if I had to read it right away (say, it was the next installment in a series that I love), I might order it online and then immediately replace the cover with something else, like one of those protective sleeves for paperbacks.

    Perhaps this is the "middle-aged male," perspective speaking, but I can't help but think that carrying a copy of that book around would be akin to wearing a t-shirt saying, "Hi. I'm a pedophile."

    (I showed the post to my partner, and she said that she couldn't imagine owning it even if she were a young adult -- both in terms of being seen around school with it or being seen by her parents with it.)


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