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Monday, April 27

Mother's Day!

Don't forget to get her something nice! Some great deal's at this year!

Any traditions for you and your family?

My husband and daughter do the usual breakfast for mom. Not usually in bed. I'm not a fan of breakfast in bed. I'd rather get up.
Hopefully it'll be a day of resting and reading!

I usually get my Mom something simple. It's harder to get gifts for the older people. Not that my Mom's terribly old but it's still not that easy. It's much easier when you know them really well, which is easier when it comes to Mom's. :)


  1. I feel like Moms are SO hard to shop for!

  2. *snort* I'll be luck if I don't end up doing the usual dishes and other cleaning.

  3. It's hard to buy for my mother. I think I'm just going to make her a bunch of cards packaged up nicely and maybe a gift card. Mom has a tiny house, so I don't like buying her stuff that needs to be displayed. I also have 2 brothers and 2 sisters that buy her stuff and it usually looks like Christmas with all the gifts laying around. As for me, well, I got my Mother's Day gift in the mail today (stamps & ribbon) since Hubby will be in New Jersey that weekend. I told him his southern accent will be extra noticeable up in Jersey. hee hee

  4. I don't know what to buy her yet. It's difficult to chose 'cause I want something not very expensive (she gets a little angry because she doesn't want my lil sister and I to spend a lot of money), and something diferent. It's hard!

    You have a present at my blog.

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  6. I have some very serious rules about no food in the bedrooms, so I'm with you. Make me a nice breakfast, let me sleep in and then serve it to me when I get up. :)

    This Mother's Day, I'm crossing my fingers that we'll be moving back into our house after being cramped in a tiny apartment for five months while our house was being renovated. Never thought I'd be excited to be moving furniture on Mother's Day, but I wanna go home!!!!


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