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Saturday, July 25

My New Bookcase!

CSN Office Furniture sent me a LOVELY bookcase to review! I got to choose which one I wanted (with a budget of course!) and they shipped it to me free of charge so long as I did a honest review of the bookcase.

This is the Winsome 9245 - Espresso Wide 3 Section Storage Shelf, SKU # WN1023 $95.00. FREE SHIPPING!

Overview (CSN Office
With its classic, sturdy design, this elegant shelving unit fulfills both style and functional requirements. Its three sections hold the Espresso Large Storage Basket or two Small Storage Baskets perfectly. Mix and match with the other Espresso Storage Shelves, both narrow and wide.
  • Three sections plus the top display shelf
  • Smooth, sleek design
  • Espresso finish
  • Dimensions: 42" H x 25.25" W x 11.25" D
NOTE: Please be aware that we are unable to ship this product to Puerto Rico.
I chose this bookcase for several reasons. The first would be because of the color. I love dark wood. The second was the number of shelves. I liked that this one has 3 shelves and it's not too tall. I have a 5 shelf bookcase in another room and it's massively tall. And lastly, I would actually pay $95.00 for this bookcase.
This bookcase is 100% all wood. It's not laminated press board or anything like that. It's fairly heavy and sturdy. The finish is very nicely done. There are some minor flaws that are to be expected of real wood ie knots and grooves.
It came shipped in a nice and tight box. Upon opening the box I did notice that the protective sheeting was ripped and I was concerned that the finish would have been scratched as well but no, all was well!

Putting it together took about an hour. I put it together all by myself, bright and early this morning. It came with the required screws and the allen wrench. It was a bit tricky to get the allen wrench to work properly but no real hick ups.

I did end up moving it to the dining room table because to turn the allen wrench you needed space between the shelf and the floor.
I decided to put it in my living room beside the fish tank. I can now see my books from my seat on the love seat. The top row are books that need to be read and reviewed. The middle are books I've won and one or two that I've purchased. The bottom row are books I've completed and already reviewed left side standing or need reviewed left side laying down.

So there you have it! A great little bookcase that's functional, elegant, and not too pricey! When you factor in that the shipping is free you can consider this a bargain!
Thank you CSN Office Furniture for the opportunity to review a wonderful product from your online store!

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Answers to comments:

Donna -

Nope, not all my books. These are the most recent additions and I still have a few that didn't make it on here. I hope to swap a few to the "already read" shelf to make room for new books! Most of these have been given to me as contest prizes or review copies. I own a Kindle and I hardly ever purchase physical books anymore. There's only one book on there that I purchased!


  1. It looks nice! And here I thought this was some kind of scam :)

    Good job on putting it together too!

  2. It looks great and you have some lovely books on it. =]

  3. Aw, I'm so jealous. That is a lovely bookcase and I reallyy need a new one at the moment. I have WAY too many books and nowhere to put them.


  4. Nice. I like your choice of the dark wood. Are those all your books or just some you chose for the new bookcase? Just curious.

  5. Very nice bookcase!! I'm actually looking for something myself--I have all these stacks everywhere cluttering up my house.I'm impressed at how well you put that together, I'm so bad at that stuff!

    :) Enjoy

  6. wow! this is so cool!!
    a review for a book case!! You lucky girl!!

    It looks nice!

  7. How cool!!!! I'm a fan of dark wood as well, my writing desk is a dark wood antique. I particularly like that book on your bottom shelf, 4th from the left. *grin* Thanks tons for the review, it got lots of re-tweets and Dorchester and I are very happy. :)

  8. looks great...glad to see you could easily put it together. enjoy!

  9. Wow, I've been seeing a lot of reviews of CNSs book shelves. I love the one you picked. I'm also a fan of the dark wood.

  10. I also just got contacted by them to do a review. I am so excited. I do not own any bookcases and my books are starting to overflow everywhere. lol. You picked an awesome bookcase!! DId it take long for them to ship it?

  11. Hi Jessica,

    I like the new bookcase.Great choice.

    Check out my blog, you've been nominated from me for THE HEARTFELT AWARD for you and your blog! Congrats!



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