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Wednesday, September 23

AFK: Wrist surgery

Some might know from Twitter that I had surgery on my right wrist on Monday. I had a ganglion cyst removed.

All is well except that it’s not easy typing with just my left hand.

So, I’ll be AFK for a few weeks. 2 weeks with this soft cast at least.

I hope to recover quickly so I can catch up on my reviews.

I like these and may have to order some to wear after this soft cast!

Aren’t they cool! I love Perpetual Kid!

See you in a few weeks!

Jess Sig


  1. I wish your wrist the best! Those unicorns are absolutely cute, you should definitely decorate it with those :) Take care! :)

  2. You poor thing! Though I *love* the unicorn bandages, and may have to pretend I've cut myself just so I've got an excuse to wear one.

  3. Wishing you a pain free and very quick recovery! You can at least hold a book up, right? ;)

    My teen bought these bacon band aids. It looks like you've got a strip of bacon slapped on your skin. Very lifelike. Very weird. LOL

  4. So sorry to hear about your surgery but glad to hear it's going to be ok. Even if you can't type you can enjoy reading books and blogs and all of our good wishes. Get well soon!

  5. Hope your wrist feels better soon! I'm positive those bandaids would help. :)

  6. Hope you have a fast recovery! I know the feeling of being a one handed typing bandit - I've been wearing a wrist wrap because I chipped a piece of the bone on the other part of my wrist.

    Cool bandaids always make any boo-boo better. *winks*

  7. I am glad to hear the surgery went well! I hope you are able to get a lot of reading done, but you will be missed for the next two weeks! Feel better!

  8. Good that your surgery went well! We will miss you while your away. Those bandaides are adorable :)

  9. Those band-aids are so cute! (:
    And I hope for a fast recovery. And like everyone else has said, I hope you're still able to read, lol. I miss your reviews!


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