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Tuesday, September 1

Madison’s First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the day!

I watched our baby girl hop onto a big, yellow school bus that took her away….

To her first day of kindergarten!

It was a bittersweet moment for me. I was so happy for her! She was glowing with anticipation. Ready to embark on the first day of 13 years of learning. Although, I doubt she understands that.

I asked her how her day was when I brought her home. She said they colored first. Then they had circle time, which was the reading of a book called “I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BED!.” I hope it was informative for her because getting her into bed at time can be a struggle sometimes!

She had Art Class today. She colored her name with crayons. She didn’t bring it home so I’m assuming they keep them at school or toss them? Not sure.

She said she used the potty in the classroom and it was old. It had a shelf with cleaning supplies and a duster.

She said there were two boys who were bad. They kept talking and got in trouble for it. I asked her if she raised her hand to talk, one of Mrs. High’s rules, and she said she did but Mrs. High didn’t call on her. I asked if she held her hand up high so Mrs. High could “see” it and she said, “No. I only held it up a little." So I showed her how to properly hold up her hand. ;)

So there you have it. First day of kindergarten from a five year old. Here are some pictures from this morning! She’s the little one with the short hair wearing a pink stripped sweater.

We’re taking Friday off to spend the day at Hershey Park with Jennifer and baby Wyatt.

Jess Sig


  1. Ohh, she's adorable! Congrats! (:
    Lol, it reminds me of Kindergarten...

  2. I love that you took pictures of her getting on the bus. I have a bunch of those pictures from when I went to school and I will keep them forever. I hope she enjoys Kindergarten!

  3. She's such a sweetie and this is such a big day for all of you! I take photos every year the first day of school and I treasure them all. My kids are older now and the high school years have led to some miserable faces in those photos but they make me laugh! My sister-in-law and I have been sharing our sorrow about the kids we've recently sent off to college. It's like a knife in the heart!

  4. She's adorable! These are cherished memories, you'll always remember them. I still remember the first of kindergarten for my son and he's 19!

  5. My son started this week as well! He was perfectly fine and I was a wreck. *sigh*

  6. She's old enough for school already? It's hard to let them go that first day.

    My baby started Kindergarten this year too. Unfortunately, she's one of the kids that gets in trouble all the time and we've gotten 2 phone calls already about her behavior. *sigh* She's had several smiley face days in row so I took her to Chuck E. Cheese.

  7. Aw, Jess! Congratulations on surviving the first day (which by now has been a full week!) of kindergarten. And, of course, congratulations to Madison, too! LOL!

    What a precious milestone. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love them! :)


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