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Monday, October 12

Cover Art: Tracking the Tempest by Nicole Peeler

Just announced on Nicole’s blog.
The cover to her second book, Tracking the Tempest.
Tracking the Tempest
It’s very pretty, just like the first book, Tempest Rising. The artist, Sharon Tancredi is very talented.
Tempest Rising
There’s a difference in skin color on Tracking the Tempest than on Tempest Rising. Maybe because she’s not swimming?
What do you think?

To Brooke’s comment. That may be true but Jane is a selkie, a seal, so I was thinking it had more to do with that than the setting. See looks very dead and pale in Tempest Rising but quite normal in Tracking the Tempest.

To La Coccinelle's comment. These are Adult Urban Fantasy books. I don't think they look middle gradeish at all, yet more comic book looking. Yes, the main character looks young but that's because she doesn't age like a normal human; she's a selkie. Besides her looking young the covers are brilliantly designed. The first cover matches the content of the book precisely, which is more than a few covers of some books I've read recently can say.
Jess Sig


  1. Well, the first book is at night, and the blue of the moon is reflecting off the water. In the sequel, she's surrounded by fire which gives her a more healthy glow. :D

    I love these covers!

  2. I think its do to the moonlight. It sets everything in an eerie light.

  3. Interesting. Although I will say that I'm not sure about the targeted age group from these covers. Are they YA books? The covers make me think middle grade... and if that's not the case, then the covers could be doing the books a disservice.

  4. I love the covers! Very nicely done!


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