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Thursday, November 5

New Moon November!

Twilight Month

Yes, I’m a Twilight Saga fan. I’m loving the movies more than the books though. Some how I finished the series with a hatred of the books and the movies are repairing that bond. :) Why? I blame Breaking Dawn. Of all the books I hated that one the most. It ended in a way I would never have thought. I’m a huge Twilight (book 1) fan though.

I will be updating this post with all things New Moon for the month of November. Please check back often! :)

 (Twilight month image was borrowed from Pure Imagination’s blog)

New Moon November Desktop Calendar Wallpaper (scroll down for it)

New Moon – The Condescend Version (Hilarious!) from Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination is also hosting a contest! Enter by 11/16!

Straight from the Twilight Lexicon:

New Moon Live Borders

Borders will host and present a live video Webcast featuring the Web’s top Twilight and New Moon fansites from the Borders Westwood store in Los Angeles on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 2 p.m. PST, 5 p.m. EST.

The event will be streamed live at

Tynga of Tynga’s Reviews is giving away a Twilight charm bracelet. Enter by 11/06!

Pure Imagination also posted an awesome link to some fan made Midnight Sun videos. I’ve watch 1 – 3 and they are pretty good! Here’s video #1:


I saw this video on SciFiGuy. It's way too funny not to share!


Thanks to TwilightGuy I'm adding this very interesting spoof of Twilight SNL style to the New Moon November post.

They call it Firelight and it stars Taylor Swift. She does an excellent job as Bella. :)



Jess Sig


  1. I'm with you.
    I like (...) the first book, more than the rest.
    But I'm loving the films... Well what I've seen. :)

  2. Totally agree. Breaking Dawn started out good, but then went to crap. Not how ANYONE thought it would end or should have ended...

    My fav book is Eclipse. But you just can't forget where it all started. Twilight! I could read book 1 over and over again.

    Love Twilight Lexicon. I check it out EVERY day. How about the article about how Melissa Rosenberg made sure to put the proposal at the end of New Moon and the bedroom proposal in Eclipse! I love her for that!! Those were some of my fav parts!!

    Can't wait for the movie!


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