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Saturday, May 1

New Blog is LIVE!

Please check it out!

The Cozy Reader

A huge thank you to Gisele for the beautiful layout and the time she spent on this. She was very generous to work this into her very busy schedule. Thanks Gis! You can check out Gis's other work on her blog.
Cute Custom Designs
I'm sure there will be a few things still out of place,  such as my signature on old posts.
Please feel free to steal my new blog banner.
Here's the code:
I'm keeping my current Twitter account and the fairly new Facebook page too. I did create a new email:

I will be directing the blogspot address over to starting on Monday. So, please bookmark, subscribe via RSS or email to this new address so you don't miss out! Links to these are on the right hand side of the new blog. I hope to not lose any followers!

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