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Friday, March 12

Amazon Associate WTF Moment

I enjoy looking at my Amazon Associate account to see what links people are clicking on and if anyone is ordering anything through my links.

Well, I was looking today and apparently someone purchased this book (NSFW! ):


How To Eat Stinky Pussy by Joe Blow

This book is tongue in cheek or perhaps more appropriately tongue in pussy humor presented from a completely new perspective.

And I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I clicked on it. I’m still not sure what the hell it is or if it is even a real book! I’m guessing it is a real book otherwise it probably wouldn’t be on Amazon!

And the author name is just perfect!

There’s only one customer review and a funky one at that so, yeah, anyone heard of this book?

Well, that was fun!

Jess Sig

Disclosure: Associate. If you click on my links and purchase anything a very small percentage of the purchase price will be awarded to Book Reviews by Jess.


  1. LMAO! This is so, so very wrong, but yet so, so very funny. I needed a laugh today. Thanks!

  2. Wow! That definitely raised my eyebrow! :)

  3. Some things should just not even be considered.

  4. I love how honest you are about the commission you receive from Amazon.

    It may be a little thing, but it really annoys me when bloggers don't disclose who is paying them what and why. Especially review sites, be it payment in money, free goods, or just ARC's.

    Just wanted to say how much I like your honesty.

  5. Thanks Em! I really appreciate your comment! :)

    I'm thinking about using the information from my Associates account for future giveaways. Maybe giveaway the most clicked or purchased book through my links.

    God knows that I don't receive very much from the Associates account to even pay for the giveaways I've held but every little bit does help. ;)


  6. I love that! It's too great!


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