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Wednesday, May 28

Six Month Amazon Kindle Review

Received an excellent question from the Gena Showalter yahoo group!

Jess, how do you like the
Amazon Kindle? I was checking that out and would LOVE to get one -
someday! LOL
Felicia M. Ciaudelli

I LOVE my Kindle! To date I have purchased 60 books for the Kindle. I keep a spreadsheet to compare what I would have paid for the book physically versus what I paid for it for the Kindle (all prices). I did NOT factor in shipping, which is easily $3 per order. Anyhow, my savings to date (w/o shipping) is $127.84 and lord knows how many trees. :)

It's easy to take along, anywhere, without causing damage such as bent pages and it's fairly light versus Stephenie Meyer's 600+ page The Host.

Battery life is great, unless you connect the wireless like crazy. I usually charge every night because that's where the charge is plugged in, by the bed.

Of course everyone gripes about the cost. I paid $399 in December 2007. Just this week they dropped the price to $359! So another 90 books or so and it'll be paid for and I've had it for 5 months! So, a little more than a year and I'll be saving money!

The only thing I would adjust or hope they adjust in the next version is the layout of the "next" and "prev page" buttons. There needs to be more space for it to be manhandled. I've learned to lock it before I decide to move around a bunch, it's inevitable to hit one or more buttons while picking it up or laying it down. It's fairly easy to recover but it's still a pain and should be fixed.

Another great feature is that you can upload other documents to it. For example I'm now attending the remaining college courses for my AA degree and one of my classes has provided the text book via PDF, I can send the pdfs to be converted for free and then upload them myself to my Kindle. Or you have the option of them sending it wirelessly to the Kindle for $0.10 per attachment. Now I can read my text while watching my daughter play outside rather than being stuck inside at the laptop to read it.

Hope I didn't bore you! I'll be posting this review on my blog as well! Thanks for asking.
I totally give the Kindle a 10/10!


  1. I hope to have a Kindle one day. I spend too much on my other hobbies right now.

    Ok, I'm not weird or anything, but I thought of you when I was at Wal-mart today. None of my friends read like I do and when I saw an early copy of (dramatic pause) LOVER ENSHRINED right in front of my face I did a happy dance and thought...who can I call that will understand??? Well, since none of my friends read like I do...I thought of you. I have scrapbooking friends, stamping friends and just plain old friends, but no book friends!

    Want to move down south?? Sure, we talk funny but it grows on you--just like the humidity!

  2. Leigh Ann,
    That's really too funny!
    I feel so honored! :)

    I wouldn't mind living in the South. I'd love to own a plantation house and a few acres....but money doesn't grow on tress.

    I cannot wait to read Lover Enshrined! Wow! Just a few more days though! And hopefully that publisher will be on the ball about releasing the Kindle Edition! Geesh, is that too much to ask?



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