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Sunday, October 19

Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

I just finished reading the three available books of this series. I'm going to summarize what the books are a bit and then explain my feelings on this series, which is quite different than what I normally think about series.

Darkfever (Fever, Book 1)
DarkfeverThe beginning of this story begins with MacKayla Lane lounging by the pool, soaking up some rays while listening to her iPod. She dropped her cell phone in the pool earlier in the week which leads to the house phone ringing from Ireland to inform her that her sister, Alina, was found murdered. Their parents were away on a cruise so Mac was left to identify her body once it arrived in Georgia where the Lane's live.

Distraut with grief, seeking answers MacKayla decides to go to Ireland and figure out what the police can't seem to do. What happened to Alina?

Mac's first night there she rents a room, goes to a pub for dinner and sees a fae. She doesn't realize what it was and nearly gave herself away by staring at it when an old lady starts knocking her in her head telling her to stop staring and go somewhere else and die.

Mac does some investigating the next day at Alina's campus, gets lost in Dublin, and strays into a bookstore, the best bookstore she's ever been in, to call a cab. Before going in she swears she's seen the shadows move. The bookstore is called Barrons Books and Baubles. The owner is a dark, sexy man named Jericho Barrons.

Through the rest of the book Mac discovers that she is a sidhe-seer; she can see and sense the fae and fae objects. Barrons takes her under his care, lets her move into the bookstore, trains her to use her senses while using her as an OOP (Object of Power). The steal the Spear from a mobster. She meets a Seelie death-by-sex Fae Prince named V'lane, who wants Mac to work with him to find the BOOK! The book is the object of the entire book. Everyone wants it. It's real name is Sinsar Dubh (she-suh-DOO).

Bloodfever (Fever, Book 2) EXCERPT
BloodfeverThe story continues right where it left off on the first book. There was no wrap up, no conclusion. Lets just say I immediately bought the third book when I bought the second book knowing there wouldn't be a conclusion with this book either.

Mac and Barrons are still working together. They are not too friendly to each other. Barrons is NOT a man. He's a something that Mac can't figure out but he keeps her safe so she'll deal with it.

Mac was investigating the Dark area near the bookstore and found a house. She found some of her sisters stuff in the house. She felt a pulling towards a warehouse behind the house. Inside she found a portal to the unseelie world being opened by The Lord Master, aka Alina's boyfriend. She's discovered there by Malluce the vampire. Barron's falls in and saves her. She ends up stabbing Mallue with the spear. (This might have happened in the first book.) Malluce is expected dead but there's no proof. Mac starts seeing a grimreaper like ghost thing following her around. One night it attacks her and it's Malluce. He kidnaps her, brutally beats her inches from death. Barrons finally comes to her rescue nearly too late. She askes him to feed her the half eaten Rhino-Boy off the slab. It has healing powers. Within 10 minutes she's fully healed and nearly as strong as Barrons. They pursue after Malluce. She wants to fight him. Barrons says ok but ends up jumping in to behead Malluce because Mac was enjoying herself too much. The second book ends in the same fashion: no ending.

Faefever (Fever, Book 3)  EXCERPT
FaefeverThe third book is all about Mac trying to figure out who to ally with. Her choices are Barrons, V'lane, Rowena, and few other minute people that can help her. V'lane and Barrons are walking sex that Mac just can't help but want even though she says she doesn't want them. I KNOW she is falling in love with Barrons and that's the reason I'm reading this series. I'm going to find out what he is!!

It's nearly Halloween when all the shit hits the fan. The Unseelie are trying to tear down the prision wall so that they can all walk the earth. Barrons is helping the Scotish clan with a ritual and Mac was going to the Abbey to help them with their ritual. BUT the entire city is being riotted by the Unseelie themselves and they're driving the humans towards the Dark places so they can be soaked up by the Shades. Mac is trapped in the city with no help. She can't call V'lane with the his name on her tough dying when she said it, the Unseelie took control of the utilites causing all the lights and cell towers to go down so she can't call Barrons or IYCRM or IYD which are the back up for Barrons. She has no choice but to take her MacHalo and run. She holes up in the spire of a cathedral in a broom closet. When dawn comes she goes out. She's slammed by the death-by-sex feeling and thinks it's V'lane coming to her rescue. She was WAY wrong. It's three Unseelie Princes. They rape her in the church. When they stop The Lord Master comes over and says "I think she'll obey me now".

So, here I am. Three books into a series with no end in sight. There are two more books posted on Karen's website. That means at least one year, may two or three before the ending is revealed. I CAN'T STAND THAT! Most other series have some sort of ending. These DO NOT! I'm an instant gratification kind of girl. I like series because I like to have a constant such as environment, characters, or language. This series is unlike any I've ever read. I guess I could say that the Sookie Stackhouse series is somewhat like this but this story is so much bigger than Sookie's. There are so many unanswered questions.

What is Barrons?
Who is V'lane really?
What about this Lord Master?
Why did the walls fail?
What is really going on?

Karen's constant reminder in the books and her blog and website is that there will be a happy ending for Mac. That's great and all but me as the reader doesn't want to hear that. I want to know now and I want the books to be written better with either less detail or something. Dragging this story out so much is torture. The books are good but they aren't THAT good.

I'm going to finish this series when the books are available. However, I would suggest to other readers to wait. Make sure they are all out and then read the story.

I give all three of these books an 8/10. The story line is good. I just don't like the product.

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  1. I totally agree with you about this story dragging out. I still love it, but if something doesn't happen soon I may not continue to love it. I have not read Faefever yet. I've got such a stack of books to read right now I'm going to wait until it's in paperback or try to get it from the Library.

    I like KMM's Highlander books-I think I've read them all. They are much more satisfying right away and include Fae stuff.


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