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Sunday, March 8

Bone Crossed (Mercy Thompson, Book 4) by Patricia Briggs Thompson. Coyote shifter.

Originality: 20!
Characters: 19!
Writing: 19!
Plot: 18!
Setting: 8!
Passion: 4
Grade: 88/100!

This book was something else. It was kinda all over the place but it was very entertaining. Mercy is in danger from the vampires because of her previous run in with one that resulted in his death. Stefan plays a major character, as always, in this story. There are also ghosts and a raging lunatic vampire who figures out how to steal other supernatural beings powers and since Mercy can communicate with ghosts, he wants to suck her blood, literally.

Adam is finally allowed access to Mercy's heart, which is awesome because they both deserve some happiness. The love scenes could have been hotter but they'll do.

There are new fae characters that are introduced in this book too, which was very cool. I'm wondering if another Mercy Thompson book will come as the ending wasn't one that left me wanting more. Of course I'll always <3 Mercy!

After visiting Mrs. Briggs website, I can confirm that, yes, there will be more Mercy Thompson stories! Apparently, she has a contract for 7 Mercy Thompson novels, with the possibility of even more. Silver Borne is the working title for the 5th Mercy Thompson novel, expected February 2010!

More from Patricia Briggs:

cover imageHunting Ground (Alpha and Omega, Book 2)
This will be the second book in the Alpha and Omega series, featuring Anna and Charles. It's set on a slightly earlier time-table than the Mercy books. In this book Bran is going to make the werewolves publicly known. Unfortunately, there are some fairly persuasive beings who aren't real keen on that idea.

August 2009


  1. I really want to read this series cus I've heard good things about it. I should be getting them soon. :)

  2. I'm going to get this one soon. I am very much looking forward to the next Alpha & Omega book.

    I finished up A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix and it was eh. I doubt I'll be reading the next installment. Her writing reminded me of Diane Whiteside (except better) and the only book I've read of hers I hated. I'm reading all these excellent reviews online and I really didn't think the book was all that great. It started out good...maybe my standards are too high these days.


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