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Tuesday, April 21

Dayhunter (Dark Days, Book 2) by Jocelynn Drake

Dayhunter (Dark Days, Book 2) by Jocelynn Drake
Eos (April 28, 2009)
368 pages (my copy was 356)
$7.99 Mass Market Paperback from
No Kindle listing

Originality: 19/20
Characters: 19/20
Writing: 20/20
Setting: 10/10
Plot: 19/20
Passion: 8/10
Cover: 4/5 (bonus pts)
Grade: 99/100 = A+

Mira is continuing her journey of running from the naturi along with her love/hate relationship with Danaus. The story line, characters and setting make this a true original work of art.

Mira and Danaus are the main characters. Mira is vampire and Danaus is unknown until later in the book when he finally tells Mira what he is or rather Mira figures out exactly what he is but doesn't tell him she knows a bit more about his heritage than he does. The other characters in the book help build the story line and add much conflict. There's only a few other characters that actually help Mira and Danaus but they aren't all good at heart. I'm super excited to find out that the sequel, Dawnbreaker, will be released September 29, 2009! There's also a prequel to be released in an anthology titled Unbound, which releases August 29, 2009.


Jocelynn is amazing. The flow and the pace of this book is awesome. I have, like, nothing bad to say about it. I knew going in that it would pick up exactly where Nightwalker left off, because it did finish on a slight cliffhanger, and I knew that it would follow the current issue at hand until it was handled brillantly by Mira with the assistance of smoking hot Danaus, and would ultimately finish with an ending that isn't quite an ending but enough to provide closure until the next book.

Most of this story takes place in Venice. What a lovely place to escape to! I keep meaning to ask Jocelynn if she's been to Venice before. I'm assuming she has as she did an amazing job taking me there. I loved the little river ways and the secret islands and the historical sections of the town. Very cool. And there wasn't any non-English thrown in to confuse or to make it seem any more realistic. Jocelynn was able to do that without the foreign languages!

Excellent plot. Mira is summoned to appear in front of the Coven because she annihilated a whole bunch of naturi, in the first book, Nightwalker, that was publicly displayed and hence forbidden by the Coven. She does a shit load of trash talking to the Elders, kicks some major ass, steals ownership of another vamp from an Elder and commences to kick her ass too. Mira, to say the least, is an extremely strong, ass kicking female lead character. She doesn't do all this without remorse though. She was torn up about killing so many souls. She never wants to do anything like that again. The relationship between Mira and Danaus continues to grow.

As just stated the relationship between Mira and Danaus is growing. They are trusting each other more. They are telling each other more. They are sharing a much stronger connection. They, however, are not acting on the vibes they are feeling towards each other. I think their resolve to keep those feelings under check are soon going to dissolve and I hope to see that in the next book. There was also another male character that revved up Mira in this book. I was kinda sad to see that happen but it actually did have a god reason to happen. This is mostly an urban fantasy but it now borders on the romance a bit more.

I got a manually bound version of this book to read and review before release. It included a cover flat of the book. It's actually very cool. I just looked at it up close and I totally didn't see the face in the clouds! How cool is that!? The graveyard is very fitting and the blade is total kick ass. It's also very red. Nighwalker had a bit more color to it, which is nice, but this cover is just fine.

I can't wait for the next book! Loved it! Mira is an amazing strong, ass kicking female lead and I can't wait to see what she as in store for us in Dawnbreaker!

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  1. Oooo, I think I might have to start this series now. The cover alone would be enough to get me going!

    Heh, I think I should have clarified on that Vampire Challenge post. Those were the books I read, so yes I have read the Twilight Series. I even got my hubby to read the first one (well I read it to him).

  2. I didn't even finish the first book. I just couldn't get into it even though I recognized it was well written. I will probably try to read it again in the future. Sometimes I try to read something and I'm really in the mood for a different genre and then I end up abandoning the book for something else.

  3. I really want to read this series now! I'll try to get them somehow. BTW, I love your review system and how you separate everything.


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